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 Which is the toughest Conference in college football?

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PostSubject: Which is the toughest Conference in college football?   Tue Feb 05, 2008 4:10 am

For years the Big Ten has reigned surpreme. But lately, it seems as if the Big Ten is taking a back seat to the SEC. What is it that makes the SEC better than the Big Ten? The SEC does have more speed it seems. If tradition weren't taken into account, how would conferences like the Big East match up against the Big 10?
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PostSubject: Re: Which is the toughest Conference in college football?   Thu Feb 07, 2008 2:46 pm

I think the SEC is definitely the toughest, but the Big 10 gets a bad wrap. The SEC is the best conference, but it's not as better as it seems to get credit for. Going by this last year, here is how I rank the 6 BCS conferences:

1. SEC - Deepest and toughest conference

2. Big 12 - Oklahoma and Texas were a little bit down last year, but Missouri and Kansas were pretty good, along with the decent teams of Texas Tech and Texas A&M

3. Big 10 - Ohio State was an unexpected surprise this year, Michigan got things turned around. Wisconsin, Penn State, and Illinois were pretty good as well. The conference needs to get better as a whole.

4. Pac 10 - IMO, there were only 2 good teams in the conference last year, USC & Oregon. Arizona State is the epitemy of average IMO, Cal struggled, Oregon State is decent, but overall the teams are not very good in the Pac 10 outside of USC.

5. ACC - Virginia Tech struggled at times, Boston College is very average, Miami is trying to rebuild itself, Clemson is average, and Florida State is in need of a repair as well. There are decent teams and the conference could become a top conference, but it will take time. The conference winner has lost the Orange Bowl for like 7 straight years IIRC.

6. Big East - Outside of West Virginia (who isn't that good either) there isn't a whole lot in the conference. UConn, Cincinnatti, USF are trying to build good programs but it'll be difficult. I'm not positive if Louisville even has a defense because I don't remember seeing one on the field.
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Which is the toughest Conference in college football?
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