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PostSubject: Board Rules   Board Rules Icon_minitimeMon Feb 04, 2008 11:37 pm

Rules of the board:
1.) Only post threads into relevant categories. (Example: Don't post a question about the New York Yankees in the National Football League category). This helps keeps the boards organized and more user friendly. If you are not sure where to post a thread, read the descriptions of each board category. Try to put it in the best category, if worst comes to worst it can be moved.
2.) Heated conversations. It is impossible for everyone to agree on every subject. There are two good responses to these situations; ignore the other person who disagrees or tell the person you disagree and explain why. There is no need for insults or namecalling, and they will not be tolerated.
3.) Do not post rumors in any other thread other than the NFL Rumors thread. The only way to prove what you are saying is not a rumor is with a credible link.
4.) If you do not provide a link to your story, it will be deleted. Stating that you just saw something on ESPN does NOT count as a link!
5.) All Caps.....don't do it. For those who don't know, typing in all caps is the same as yelling. If you type in all caps, you will be warned and your post will be removed.
6.) Double Threads. If someone already has a thread posted that is very similar to what you posted, yours will either be deleted or moved to the existing thread. This is to keep the board less cluttered.
7.) Profanity. This should be an obvious one. Keep it clean, profanity will NOT be tolerated. People of all ages are allowed to use this message board.
8.) Your signatures size can be up to 400x200 and no bigger. An animated signature can have no more than 3 frames.
9.) Site pimping/advertising. Do not make a post for the sole purpose of promoting another website. This is also not allowed in signatures. If you have a question about this, contact a staff member and we will resolve any disputes.
10.) Looking for an answer. It is one thing to ask a real question about football, it is another thing to ask a question that you could have answered yourself by utilizing the computer sitting in front of you. (Example: Who is the Redskins backup QB?)
11.) What happens if the rules are broken? First, a staff member will determine to what extent the rules were broken. That staff member has the right to ban any member for any length of time from one day up to two years. You may receive a warning before you are banned, depending on the situation. However, you are not guaranteed a warning, so don't bank on one.
12.) Staff members make all final decisions. Before something becomes a major problem, send a personal message (PM) to either "The Referee", "Line Judge" or "Back Judge" and we will respond as soon as possible. Or, you can post a thread in our Feedback section if you so desire.
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Board Rules
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